Gart: The Art Game.

I organised a date the other day. I know what you're thinking can you date in lockdown? Fortunately I am a live alone single, so I'm allowed a "bubble", this just happens to be the man I'm dating... lucky.

Now there's not a lot you can do during lockdown, so I created an activity. He likes board games, I like drawing. So I came up with an art game or Gart as I like to call it.


The rules are fairly simple: Pick a card and draw or paint whatever it says on the card. Repeat until you need to stop for food.

I didn't instigate a time limit, although having played it that could easily be an option.

What you'll need:

  • The prompt cards. I've created a printable pdf, or you can use the interactive version below.
  • Paper or card.
  • Something to draw or paint with (I chose watercolours and felt-tips as they are relatively easy to come by non-messy.)

Click the button to pick a card. Once a card has been selected it won't be again, refresh the page to start a new game.